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"NEVER! NEVER! EVER TAKE THE SLIGHTEST UNNECESSARY RISK WITH DOUBTFUL WATER. Any one of us can generally get along a while longer without a drink. One drop of contaminated water can so sicken us that if nothing worse, we will become too weak to travel."
Water is the most important thing to staying alive. Even if you have water do you know if it is good enough to drink?

Learn where to find water when it seems there is none

Learn over a dozen ways to purify your water

Over 31 pages of life saving information. Small or large emergencies or lost out can survive!
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  • Survivalist
  • Campers
  • Hikers
  • Wilderness Lovers
  • Emergency Preparedness
"Associated directly with food is water. These two are essential to life. Many men died because they did not know how nor where to look for water in apparently dry and arid regions."
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